The first comment uttered by test readers was, "This book will spawn new religions."

Kr’agh is set in the near future when Earth is beginning to exploring new worlds. Colin, an astronaut, is  stranded on an alien planet , embroiled in a war of ancient cultures with ties to Earth’s own past. Fighting emotional losses, and trying to come to terms with his changed state of being, he faces the greatest challenge yet; saving the population of Earth from a fate worse than death—godhood.

This is the first novel in The Gods of Sumer series. Each book in the series is a stand-alone novel i.e. the books can be read in any sequence. That said, Kr'agh would be the third book in terms of timeline.

The book has been extensively revised 4 times (for budding authors out there, please take note), and I owe a debt of gratitude to Harry Harrison (Nebula award winner) for his writing and editing advice. Trust me, Harry can be a bastard when it comes to editing ("Just throw away the first few pages Neville"); however, he knows what he's doing (See more about Harry in my Friends section).

This Sci-Fi novel is complete at 100,000 words; just waiting for an agent or publisher to snap it up.

Please enjoy.