Halleluiah! I renovated my home and sold it (by owner), I helped fix my wife's home and we sold it (by owner), and we purchased a new home...which I have been renovating for the past three months. Now you can understand why I have been remiss in updating my blog.

We bought a home where "we wouldn't have to do anything to make it habitable." Here's the catch:

1) My wife, Sam, obviously has a different perspective on what passes for 'habitable' than I do.

2) When she said "we wouldn't have anything to do" she meant "I won't have anything to do, but you, Neville, are cheap available labor."

Did a total revamp of the loft (now a sports bar) and an adjoining room (now the media room):

I'm also rather proud of my new study and family room.

Oh well, back to the writing.


I have been remiss in updating my blog, but what with trying to sell two homes and  rewriting Kr’agh...

So, the latest news:

I am now officially an American citizen, having taken the pledge of allegiance on 11/19/07. Being from South Africa, does that makes me an African American?

It pains me to see Americans segregating themselves with meaningless adjectives such as “African”, “Irish” or “Hispanic” to name a few. Does it not state in The Declaration of Independence that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...” I take that to mean that I’m an “American.” Calling myself an “African American” would be most confusing, but more importantly would state that I hold myself to be different (whether better or worse) than other Americans.

I therefore declare that I am fully equal to other Americans – if only I could get the IRS to recognize that fact and tax me accordingly. It would appear that indeed some Americans are more equal than others.


Yep, I'm selling my home. Between the wife and I we have decided to sell both our homes and purchase another that will meet both our requirements. It is a very painful thing to do, but I have no doubt that it's for the best.

If you're looking for a tropical paradise, then go to www.tampapad.com


The honeymoon was in St. Lucia. Below are photos from our room and some underwater shots:


Well there you have it ... I'm married.

It's worth mentioning that I was running a fever on the day, had taken a 500mg penicillin tablet, and had drowned myself in decongestants. I was drugged to the hilt -- didn't know what I was doing (and I'm sticking to that excuse).


A picture is worth ... (Shot outside my home)

The egret was hungry, the snake desperate for freedom and hanging on. Uh, and I'm getting married in just over a week?


I almost choked on my morning coffee. Bold headlines screamed Mars Temperature Increasing! I mean, it’s bad enough that we don’t look after our planet, but those bloody Martians ...

There they are, all these green people (with antenna sticking out of their scalps, going “meep, meep”) driving around in gas guzzling SUVs, ruining the ecology of their planet. How dare they! Probably leaving their home lights on and not recycling their garbage.

For more ...


There I was, sitting at my laptop with coffee mug in hand, browsing the headlines, when my eyes became riveted on a tidbit of information: “The United States spent an average of $8,701 per pupil to educate its children ...

I immediately added an article Syence & Myths.


It's probably worth mentioning that I'll be tying the knot on 07/07/07.

If you're wondering about the strange date ... The fiancé and I couldn't decide, so we picked a date that would be easy to remember (easier for me at least).

Still working on the site. I believe that I have sorted out most of the technical features, so I should get the content attached in reasonable time.


I apologize for any broken links or missing data. Hopefully it will all be a thing of the past, as I rush to bring the site up to date.