The Gods of SumerScience Fiction author Neville C Goedhals
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This site is dedicated to the Science Fiction writings of Neville Goedhals. The pages include excerpts from Neville’s novels, books, short stories and articles. Although his primary genre is Sci-Fi or Fantasy, Neville also dabbles in romance, mystery, horror and comedy. He also has a passion for historical novels, although they usually have a SciFi or fantasy twist to them.


His Sci-Fi/fantasy series, The Gods of Sumer, are founded on the religion of the ancient Sumerians, and include speculations as to the rise of man, extraterrestrial visitations, the human genome and nanotechnology. Neville’s version of Hyperspace, or mSpace as he terms it, has its origins in string theory (M theory) and quantum physics.


His books to date include Kr’agh, Annunaki, Buzur; Three’s a crime (romantic mystery); Confessions of a Cyberdater (humor); and Nagasan the Barbarian (fantasy humor). Short stories include the Germline Inc. series, Foundation Nail, and Justice will prevail. Articles include both published and unpublished features on Wine (Off the beaten path) and political/social commentary.


The site also has snippets of his friends and associates (e.g. Harry Harrison, Wendi Christner and Chris Cardin) and provides a gateway to his blog.